Html block comment

For html comment, how can I comment in block ?

That way :

    <!--<div class="notes">
   <a href="#" class="notes__new">
       Create a new note

Instead of :

    <!--<div class="notes">-->
    <!--    <a href="#" class="notes__new">-->
    <!--        Create a new note-->
    <!--    </a>-->

Using “Comment region”, it’s the second way.

This isn’t possible with the current implementation. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

  • Carey

I am confused about your question The following SHOULD comment out as I use this method all the time.

Or are you wanting the IDE to do it for you?

@Jake_Stone , what “following” ?

It’s commenting, but not as a block. See my example.
Carey says it’s not possible.

You could just use a Snippet for this:

Of course ! Thank you Nathan. I was not yet using snippet insertion by key binding.