HowTo: load file from command line?

I am an incorrigible command-line fanatic, and need to be able to load files into my editor from the command line. When I try such with Komodo Edit, it appears to ignore the CLI arguments and just opens an empty editor. I tried “komodo --help” to look for a command-line guide, but that just gave me an About dialog. Is there any command-line interface to this program at all?

Works fine for me, i do komodo file.rb and it opens Komodo with file.rb. I assume you’re on Linux, if yes, what distro?

It’s working for me on Windows as well. Here’s more information from our docs about how to use the Command line interface:

As long as you are writing komodo path\to\file.txt then it should work though.

  • Carey

Huh… well, now it works just fine… I dunno…

I’m using Komodo 10.1 on Windows 7 32-bit … probably the only 32-bit install of Win7 in the state…
anyway, thanks for the quick responses!