How to write custom CSS for elements I'm not familiar with

Is there a place where we can get a list of all the id’s and class names being used?

For example:
color of the scrollbar:

I think I had a couple more items like that. Just trying to fix up some of the display so it’s easier to use.

You can inspect Komodo’s DOM structure with the following addons:

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sorry i am french and i don’t understand all the steps.

  1. Where are located the files i found “scrollbar thumb” i can change color in the DOM inspector but how i save it in the rigth panel of the color scheme editor.

  2. Am I need to change the “.ksf” file,

The DOM inspector lets you figure out what CSS rules to use, once you have determined those you can save them in your color scheme’s CSS code. @babobski does a good job of explaining the process: