How to use UDL to color SQL within Python strings?

I need some specific pointers on how to do this with Python 2 and 3 support, UDL documentation is scary. It would be incredibly useful to have this feature for the longer SQL queries which inevitably contain sql type comments alongside the sql.

Not looking for code completion, just plain keyword highlighting.

Not sure if you able to do that because SQL strings and plain strings has the same syntax in Python:

"i'm a simple string"
"SELECT * FROM `strings` WHERE `id` = 0"

that’s the case for most languages; someone did this for php so it’s doable in komodo, but he didn’t provide an example. pycharms does this out of the box, i’m really hoping this is easily done for python in komodo.

Ehh, can you provide a link to the add-on which will highlight SQL strings in PHP as SQL strings? I didn’t find it anywhere.

He had customized heredoc in PHP, it doesn’t looks like a sample string.

$string = "I'm a sample string!"; # sample string
$sql = <<<SQL
SELECT * FROM `blablabla`
SQL; #heredoc

And I don’t know an analogue in Python.