How to use the new CSS Formatter

Hello everyone!

I have recently installed the new version of Komodo Edit and one of the things I read in the release notes was the addition of a CSS formatter. This came at a perfect time since I am currently working on a project that has some pretty poorly-formatted CSS, and I’d love to reformat it into something a little more human readable.

My issue is I can’t seem to find the feature anywhere in the application. My initial guess is it’s only available in IDE and not Edit. Is this the case? If not, where in the application can I use it?

Thanks for your time!

Formatters are only in IDE. You can try IDE for free for 21 days.

Hi Nathan, thanks for the quick reply! Looks like my assumption was correct. I’ll take a look into that, thanks!

@bonesnap, you might try the HTML Tools plugin. It has a beautify css function that works pretty well.