How to use the latest jshint?

I tried to use an up-to-date version of jshint but now I get no syntax-checking whatsoever.

These are my settings:

Checking with Mozilla JS (SpiderMonkey): disabled
Check Code with JSHint: enabled
Custom linter: …\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\jshint\bin\jshint

Anything I should change?

This will be fixed in Komodo 11 (the latest version of jshint is going to be used).

Any idea when that will be?

I’m not sure I’m allowed to say the date (or month). @nathanr?

No code-intel for ES6 is bad. But no ES6 syntax-checking either? That’s a complete deal breaker.

Komodo 11 is at the RC stage. You can get the latest build here:

Thank you!

The link is broken though: “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Oh sorry, I think we’re still in a closed RC process. Please sit tight for just a bit longer. Thanks for your patience.

You won’t have to wait long, Komodo 11 is right around the corner.

Two things I noticed about version 11 right away. The following snippet triggers several warnings in “your” jshint 2.9.5 while the “real” jshint 2.9.5 likes it just fine (esversion was set to 6 in both cases):

var Test = class {
      get [ Symbol.toStringTag ] () {
        return 'Test';

Pointing to a custom version of jshint - or the “real” jshint as it were - still disables syntax checking entirely.

What warnings is it throwing? Keep in mind you can configure jshint extensively, perhaps the “real jshint” you’re testing is using a different config.

Oh, sorry. All warnings relate to the Symbol.toStringTag getter (line 2234):

2234: Expected ‘(’ and instead saw ‘[’.
2234: Expected ‘)’ to match ‘[’ from line 2234 and instead saw ‘.’.
2234: Expected ‘}’ to match ‘{’ from line 1788 and instead saw ‘]’.
2234: Bad invocation.
2234: Missing semicolon.

Tested against jshint (not from the CLI but the online version) with nothing but “esversion: 6”

It’s very hard to tell without knowing what’s on those lines, but are you testing the same version of jshint? The version Komodo 11 uses is 2.9.5.

I just tested your code snippet on Komodo 11 and it seemed to work fine for me. Are you certain that’s the code it’s breaking on?

Hm. You’re right. The test code wasn’t representative of the actual code which looks more like this:

var Test = function () {};

Test.prototype = {
    get [ Symbol.toStringTag ] () {
        return 'Test';

And, yes, that does trigger errors in the CLI version and the online version of jshint as well. Maybe getting weird errors serves me right for assigning to the prototype… My apologies!

No worries, thanks for the update :slight_smile: