How to use Komodo IDE with Github

Howdy, Can anyone point me in the right direction.

– I just installed Komodo IDE 9.2.
– I have an account on Github and a private repository is installed
– I have Github for Windows installed on my PC (not git from
– I have a local copy of the github repository on the PC which I directly edit and then sync/commit to github.

So, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to version control from the IDE with this configuration. I can open the local copy of the github repository files using the IDE, edit them, and then using github for Windows, sync/commit them back up to github.

However, none of the version controls in Komodo are available using this process.

Do I also need to install git on the PC and have it act as a middle man between Komodo and github? If yes, are there any docs on doing this?


Hi @vicos,

You have to have the git commandline tool installed to use git in Komodo. If you can’t run git commands in CMD then Komodo can’t do anything either.

So you’ll need to use the git tool you explicitly said you’re not using.

  • Carey

Hi Carey,

So, I install the actual git on my PC and then that works with Komodo.

Then, when it is time to sync/commit up to github, I use the Github for Windows utility?

Just want to be sure I understand. Also, I assume that git and github aren’t going to step on one another?

Sorry @vicos, I don’t know anything about the github for windows tool.

I only use git commandline and the Komodo integration. You can push and pull from Komodo as well.

  • Carey

That’s entirely up to you, Komodo can do this for you (Source Code Control > Commit/Push), or you can use whatever other tool you prefer.