How to use Auto-Abbreviations


I have tried to add a few abbreviations and then a the same time use some of the standard, and I’m puzzled…

It never works the same way

Example. I have changed the property of the PHP ‘func’ abbreviation and I have left the default trigger characters at default
so my assumption is I key in func and then one of the trigger keys and then the code will be unfolded

it only works at random… it is not possible to make it work two times in a row and it is pure luck when one of the trigger characters is working, is that the desired behavior ?

Kind regards

I’m a bit confused what you mean by “so my assumption is I key in func and then one of the trigger keys and then the code will be unfolded”. Since for an abbreviation the name (ie. “func”) IS the trigger, there is no separate “trigger” field. Could you maybe share a screenshot of one of your abbreviations (ie. the properties window) and explain in detail how you are triggering it?

I’m using the one of the standard abbreviations in the toolbox: Toolbox->PHP->func

What I have done is modified the propety, and checked the ‘Auto-Abbreviation’

My expectation is then that when i type in ‘func’ and then hit one of the trigger characters that is defined under preference->editor->Smart Editing the ‘abbrevaition’ would be typed into the editor at the position of the cursor

What is the value for your “trigger characters” field, and what trigger character are you attempting to use?

it is the default: ! \t@#$%^&*()+[]{}\|/?:;<,"’

and I type: func!

That’s odd, I’m able to consistently reproduce the auto-abbreviation.

Could you make a screen recording of the issue?

Fyi you could also just hit space or tab.

i cannot upload video

On YouTube?

Hi @rabol, that is a veeery short screencast, it’s not a lot to go on. If possible can you record a longer one where you show it both working and not working?

One thing of note that I see there is that the text “func!” just instantly appears, are you pasting it in or something? It only works if you type out the trigger character manually.


No i am typing it

Never mind… If you cannot reproduce it it cannot be fixed, and apparently I’m the only that have the problem

Well I’d like to find out if I can reproduce it :slight_smile: If you don’t want to bother with another screencast, see if restarting in safe mode fixes the issue: Help > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-mode.