How to uninstall before installing new version?

This may sound like a silly question, but I always learn something new.

How do I properly uninstall KomodoEdit v8? I want to install version 9. Is it simply a matter of deleting the sub directories and then installing the new version?


@RIckNak We can provide a more specific answer if we know the platform(s) you are working on, and whether you want your existing Komodo configuration to be the basis of your v9 installation (or whether you want a completely clean install with default settings).

On OSX, I remove the application folder. If I want a completely clean install, I also remove the my profile folder prior to installing the new version. If I want to retain my configuration settings from the previous version, I wait to remove my profile folder until after I have installed and run the new version.

The tutorials section of the forum as a topic on important file locations ( Important File Locations) which may help you locate some of these.

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On Linux I just remove the folder with Komodo IDE installation and install it again to the same directory.

Wasn’t very specific, was I?

I’m running it on CentOS 7, having recently installed it without hardly using it at all. Thus, no worry about saving previous configuration, nor any particular problems I’d like to solve, either.


So you can just follow my steps I posted above. It works fine to me each time I re-install Komodo (and it saves my configuration)

If you want a clean install (fresh settings) you can do as Ron suggested and delete your profile folder, on linux this would be ~/.komodoide.