How to turn off code hint tooltip?

I’m using KomodoEdit 10.2.3 to edit Ruby programs.

Occasionally, when the mouse rests for two seconds or so over the code, a tooltip pops up and tries to give information on the code, typically about a variable (where it is defined, which data type it holds etc). I need to hit the Escape-key to get rid of the tooltip. Since this information is wrong most of the times anyway, and the tooltip window covers exactly the place where I want to type something - it is very bothersome and I would like to turn off this feature, but I don’t see where I can do this.

I could imagine that this comes from some plugin or add-on which I have installed, but I can’t see one which might be a Ruby-code-assistant, so it’s maybe a builtin feature. I can’t however find in the preferences any switch for turning off this annoyance.

Any idea how to get rid of this?

Hi, it sounds like a go-to-definition feature, but that should only show up when you hold down the Ctrl key when mousing over a symbol.

Does the popup show when you Help > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe Mode? You can also try restarting without Add-ons in order to determine if an add-on is to blame.

I experimented a bit with the go-to-definition. While I don’t remember that I had pressed the Ctrl key yesterday, it could be that I had pressed Ctrl accidentally. This would explain why the effect appeared only occasionally. At least the pop-up shown by go-to-definition looks like what I have seen yesterday.

Still, this go-to-definition feature has some erradic behaviour: In really most of the cases, no pop-up is shown. Sometimes, I see a pop-up, but with the SAME place (and word) in the code, the pop up is shown sometimes and sometimes it is not shown when I press ctrl. Sometimes it is shown just for a fraction of second.

Can I turn off go-to-definition?

Hi, unfortunately I do not think there is a way to disable this feature.