How to trigger if-else snippet in PHP?

I just installed Komodo 8.5.5, build 86990 and when I started coding in js-file, after pressing Shift+( this happened:

My reaction was - this is awesome! I want this behavior in PHP too, but it’s not working yet. Or is it?

This is called a Komodo Abbreviation:
and the auto insertion is what we call an Auto-Abbreviation (triggered when typing the snippet name - “if”):

PHP doesn’t look to have an “if” abbreviation (by default), so just copy the JavaScript JavaScript-common/**/keywords/if into your PHP abbreviation folder and tweak the contents to suit.



Don’t tell me that it was there the whole time. lol

It was there the whole time :wink:

Damn it. I always deleted Samples from Toolbox.

Also, if your come up with a group of PHP abbreviations you’d like to add to Komodo, we’d be glad to integrate them into the default builds.