How to show full text in console instead of a part

I am showing some output on the console, using this code:


This text is capped at around 50 characters like this:

I must click it to show full text:

I want to avoid clicking it to see it, or increase this text limit.

Some time ago I read a post written by nathanr where he code this area as an HTML element, is Komodo like an HTML document? can I edit this area using javascript like a normal HTML page?

This is currently not possible, you could file an enhancement request on our bug tracker:

Note that the Console widget itself is a module/addon, the source is available here:

You could fork that and compile it with the same ID, then it would override the console module Komodo comes packaged with.

I made it using an old code you posted in another topic:

var w = document.getElementById('console-widget').contentWindow;
w.document.getElementById('output').innerHTML = '<pre>' + stdout.value + '<pre>';

Seems like I can put any html tag there, this is SO useful for me!