How to share snippets between computers

I use Komodo Edit 11.x both at work and at home, Windows in the office, Mac at home. I seem to remember that in some past version of KomodEdit, I used to be able to find the snippet files in the KomodoEdit//tools directory and SFTP them from one computer to another, but doing that now causes the toolbox to be empty the next time I launch KomodoEdit.

Here’s what I used to do:

  1. In Windows, I create a new snippet in my toolbox.
  2. I locate the file created in C:\Users<userid>\AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoEdit&lt;version>\tools
  3. I sftp to my Mac and drop my file there.
  4. I move the file to ~/Library/Application Support/KomodoEdit/<version>/tools
  5. I launch KomodoEdit.

At this point, my toolbox is empty.

This used to work at one point, maybe in the v8.x or v9.x timeframe, but it clearly does not any more. How can I get back to sharing my snippets so that I don’t have to recreate them everywhere I use KomodoEdit?

Hi @baldmantom,

Please share your logs. This should work fine. I do a similar thing using dropbox and some scripts (platform specific) that setup symlinks.

@careyh, surprised to hear this - I have been advised by Komodo staff that this feature has been removed from IDE (with version 10 IIRC). Suffice to say, it’s killed one of Komodo’s most attractive features
@baldmantom, I have a functional workaround by saving the toolbox folder on google drive (sharing with myself). Of course this only works if you can use the same google account in both places. Works across OS (linux and Win10 in my case)

For snippets it is perfectly viable to just share them via dropbox or similar.