How to Setup Windows 10 Komodo 12 with ActiveState Perl

I initially setup Komodo 12 in Windows 10 to use Strawberry Perl. I would like to change the configuration to instead use ActiveState Perl.

How can I confirm my ActiveState Perl configuration in Windows? It seems to arrive as part of the ActiveState State Tool.

Once I confirm that ActiveState Perl remains properly configured, what paths etc. do I use to configure Komodo Perl Language Preferences with ActiveState Perl ?
Wil Blake

Hey @wblake , sorry to pass you off like this but you will get more help with the state tool in the ActiveState community forums which is for State Tool and The ActiveState Platform in general: ActiveState Community - Boosting coder and team productivity with ready-to-use open source languages and tools.

One note I can make is that once you have your Perl install working and you understand how the state tool works with it, then either you need to start Komodo from the terminal you state activate in or get state activate working in Komodo itself which is what we are discussing in your other forum thread.

  • Carey
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Thanks. How do I modify the Komodo Perl Language Preferences to use ActiveState Perl instead of Strawberry Perl?

@wblake start Komodo from the shell you state active in then in your prefs set the Perl binary path to Find on Path.

Thank you. I’m getting an error about though I tried to install it in the Perl configuration.
How do I complete other Perl setup options :
PPM location?
cpan location?
cpanm location?
Additional Perl Import Directories?

@wblake, the State Tool will manage your Perl install.

You can install that package 3 different ways (2 are basically the same):

  1. In Komodo, select the State Tool side bar menu > Run Command > then run state install [pacakge name]
  2. In your projects folder, in a CMD terminal, in an Activate State (state activate) you can run `state install [package name]
  3. Install it using the Platform Dashboard: Open you activestate.yaml file, put the URL in the Project: field in a browser window > Login (if you’re not already) > Configuration tab > Install Package + the State Tool is how you should manage your environment if when using this tool chain setup.

  • Carey

Thanks again. Still another error ensues.
“The Platform failed to resolve the dependencies for this build \n Because root depends on every version of Feature |language|perl|switch which doesn’t match any versions, version solving failed.”

I moved my questions over to the State Tool forum. Thanks again, CareyH.

Thanks @wblake. I’m really not sure what that error means. I recommend looking at your project at though. It’ll perhaps make it easier to see what’s going on.

A couple notes:

  1. Probably good idea for you to checkout the State Tool docs command references: Command Reference :: ActiveState Platform Documentation (You can search for packages)
  2. When you share error output from a terminal, always share the command you ran. It may seem obvious to you what you ran but there could be some nuance that is missing.