How to set the bottom pane to full width?

Switched to 9.0, coming from 8.5, I miss the full width of the bottom pane

Well I can move the pane easily with

var $ = require("ko/dom");
bps = $("#bottom_splitter, #workspace_bottom_area");
bp = $("#workspace_bottom_area");

However that seems to mess up the widgets. Feel free to experiment further, that’s all the time I can spend right now.

Worth noting that we did get some initial complaints from people when we first made this switch on the pre-release, but after a few days they all warmed up to it and last I heard they’re all quite happy. Give it a chance? :slight_smile:

My pain is that the debugger gets squeezed and I’m using it a LOT

You could try detaching the pane altogether - Right click the tab > “Detach Pane”.

sorry, I need this: