How to set color of "open file pane"

In the “Open file pane”, the filenames are written in very light grey (nearly white) on white background, except the current file, which is clearly visible. Is it possible to set the foreground colour of the file names, which are displayed in this tab?

What color scheme are you using?

Interface: Monokai
Widget: Londontube
Editor: Tomorrow_Light

But I’m basically happy with theses schemes. I just would like to change the colour of the filenames in the Open File Pane.

Interestingly, the file names in the “Places” pane are well visible.

I see, the reason is that you are mixing interface and widget styles. Which shouldn’t be an issue, but it appears you landed on a bug.

Bug logged here:

I don’t have a simple quick solution for you, I’d have to dig into the css rules and doing that would be basically equal to fixing the bug. I’d recommend using a different color scheme for now.