How to Search in Dom Inspector

Is there a way to search through Dom Inspector?

Yes. There is an icon in the top of DOM Inspector

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Oh ok; I didn’t see it till just now.


Bit hard to see in Abyss :stuck_out_tongue: dom inspector is not really optimized for that skin.

Abyss looks while(true) { print "VERY"; } old. Skin from 2000 :smiley:
When I find a lot of time, I’m try to create a dark UI for Komodo in Photoshop and create it for Komodo :wink:
Or maybe copy design from Sublime? Anyway now I recommend Spacemodo by @nathanr, it’s a very beautiful UI with minimalistic style if you love dark skins.

I respectfuly disagree with you there. I dont think you were around in 2000 if you think Abyss resembles that era :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, miss. About 2010 :wink:
I think if change/remove gradients in Abyss - it will looks very cute :smile:

Yeah agreed, I was kind of in a gradient and shadow mood when I created Abyss. You should have seen the first iterations :wink:

Where I can see it?
Ha, we are create a little bit offtop in this topic…

You might be able to checkout an earlier version of the repo and build it yourself, but I highly doubt it will still work.

I doubt too. Anyway I’m look into Abyss sources and try to remade it for my needs :wink: