How to save all settings & customizations

I am new to Komodo (Edit) and wow what a great app! I wish I had found it a couple of years ago before all the time I spent trying to work with the alternatives like Atom, Visual Code, Sublime, even Notepad++. But I’m definitely falling in love with Komodo. If it weren’t for the fact that I code in c# and am kinda tied to Visual Studio I would have gone with the IDE, but I really just need a powerful text editor. In any case, I will support/donate/contribute as best I can.

That said - one of my biggest requirements is that I be able to control the appearance in every detail and control the behavior as well with sufficient options and customization options. And Komodo surely does not disappoint! I have implemented my color palette perfectly (I’ve spent the past year building a take on Solarized that uses Steel Blue as it’s base color). I have been reading the customization forum about creating an official color scheme file, but what I need to do is to export/backup EVERY customization I’ve made so that if I wanted to offer it to someone who just installed Komodo on their fresh new Windows computer, they could take my files and get the same environment that I have. I don’t expect to be able to save all this information in a single file or with a single button (although I may write a plug-in to do just that!), but I do need to know that the steps I take do indeed save 100% of my customizations. Re-creating things like this can be a crushing experience! LOL

If I have missed something in the docs or forums - just point me in the right direction, I’m willing to do my homework! And apologies if I have missed something obvious. I am somewhat overwhelmed with excitement about this app (which at my age and 34 years writing code is a rare thing indeed, and scary! LOL) - and so I am less patient than normal.

Thanks in advance! (and ps: before even downloading the app to try, I checked out the forums and the “community” you folks have here factored into my decision greatly! I look forward to becoming an active and contributing member!)


All of your settings are saved to the profile folder. Color schemes and such will be in the Tools folder in the profile folder. Most of your preferences are saved to the prefs.xml file.

Most of these files could be copied across installations, but not all. For example copying over prefs.xml might run you into some issues if you’ve saved prefs that include paths specific to your setup.

Thanks for the reply Nathan!
So if I understand you correctly, if I save a copy of my profile dir I should be ok if I want to replicate my environment on a fresh install - given the same os -yes? This is great news. Not because I hork my own workstation too frequently but because I want to share my customizations with some fellow dinosaurs (us old geeks) as I have been making some recommdations. A rare thing for this old bird.

As a cheap add-on due to laziness, if I want to grab just my “theme” (appearance only) stuff - is that the single file I’ve seen sitting in my src folder? Meaning can I just email that file to a mate and have him experience the app exactly as it appears to me? (given same os of course)

Thank you in advance.

I want to add this note: (as a compliment to yourself and the app/co)
Back in my day (before the birth of dirt and when we dreamed of binary and coded in unary - all 0s), we had few options. And only 2 things distinguished apps that made it and apps that didnt. 1 - the passion of the community, because back then nearly everyone contributed code, and 2 - the ability to do so. So when extensibility was a core value, and when the group of hacks (er, programmers of sufficient talent were called such with respect, the word has been perverted since), then you ended up with things like sendmail and perl.

I appreciate your helpful replies and insight.
And I am greatly thankful to see the open source apps of the quality of this one having those 2 things.

Yes. Should be alright if the new setup is similar to the old.

I appreciate your compliments, and will pass them along :slight_smile: Thank you.

Hey @DavidInvenio, you’ll want the *.ksf file in your profiles schemes that matches the name of the theme your created. Your mates should be able to drag and drop that on to Komodo and it will prompt them to install it.

And yes, I echo Nathan’s appreciation. Thanks so much for your kind words!

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