How to run python files with quick command?


I have just installed Komodo IDE 12, and heard that it’d be possible to run python files using Ctrl+Shift+R. I tried the same but no response. Is it possible for us to set-up these quick command keys, please? Thanks.

Hi @Susanna,

There are at least 3 ways you can run your code in Python, none of which use the keybinding Ctrl+Shift+R unfortunately.

You can use any of the following:

  • F5: Starts a debugging session, If you just want the code to run quickly, don’t use this
  • F7: Run without debugging but doesn’t hook up the debugger fully. relatively quick.
  • Ctrl+B: Run inline, runs your code in a subprocess then opens a modal window over the editor as a terminal to dump your scripts output into. This is probably the fasted option.

Hope that’s helpful!

  • Carey

Hihi, thank you for the suggestion. I tried the first two (F5 or F7), and got a “Debugging Options” pop-up screen (kindly see below). Wondering if I might be missing something there. Thanks again!

Morning @Susanna,

Just click OK and it will run your code.

Do you have a specific question about that screen? That is what’s supposed to happen when you start a debug session of Run Without Debugging.

  • Carey