How to revert to a previous version of Komodo IDE?

I recently upgraded my Komode IDE (version 9.3.0, build 88117, platform win32-x86. Built on Thu Oct 29 09:49:58 2015), and I think it’s time to get off this roller-coaster. I’d like to backtrack 2 revisions, possibly 3.

  1. With this latest I was hoping there was a fix for the indentation issue I ran into with the previous upgrade. I used to be able to position the cursor at the start of a line of code and hit enter to add blank lines. Now (2 versions ago) when I do that the current line indents and adds the number of spaces from the start of line to the indent above, so the whole line shifts by this indent.
  2. I work on a 17" monitor full HD display. With the current version the find “dialogue” is basically unusable, it is almost invisible and cannot be re-sized, my include/exclude lists are usually significantly longer that the search path.

As a professional developer I do not have the time luxury for every update trying to figure out where something went (if at all) or if this is another “feature” that has now been forced on me with no alternative, in most cases it appears to be the latter.

So since Komodo appears to be heading in a direction that is counter-productive (for me, but apparently I’m not alone) with no attempt to be backwards compatible, I believe it is time to cancel my subscription and revert back. Then when I have time I can re-address what might be a more future-friendly environment.

Hi @PhilP,

You can download any version of Komodo you would like from this link:

  1. Was this issue reported somewhere? I’m not clear what the issue is to know what it is. A code example would be more helpful.

  2. I’m not fully understand how the changes made to the find dialog have made it unusable to you. The functionality should be identical. Is there not enough contrast? This might be because you have a dark colour scheme configured. If that’s the case, that may be something we need to look into.

I’m sorry you’re having issues @PhilP. We’d obviously like to help you sort them out but if you can’t due to time constraints then you can’t.

  • Carey