How to replace without finding next?

In the find and replace dialog, is there way to replace text without advancing to the next occurence? Currently I have to hit the back button whenever I’m finished replacing text in a section.

Not sure I understand you properly but Replace All shouldn’t find any text and scroll you to it.

Hit the “Replace All” button instead of the “Replace” button.

Sorry, let me clarify: I don’t want to replace all occurences in the document. Just occurences in a small section. Is there way to replace and not find the next occurence after I’ve reached the final occurence in that section? Perhaps there’s a button I’m missing or a keyboard shortcut? Thanks.

Maybe Search in: Selected Text can help you in your case. Just select the block where you want to make replacements and press Replace all :wink:

Yep, what Defman said. I think the shortcut for this is Ctrl+H.

Yes, that does it - thanks!