How to overlay userChrome.css from an extension

Can a CSS file that is loaded with my extension overlay the Komodo skin?

I’ve created an overlay.css file in my extension which, for example, has the following document tab style rule…

#tabbed-view tabs > tab[label$=".pg6"]  { background-color: red !important; }

Here I’m trying to make the document tab turn red if it’s file has a “.pg6” file name extension.

The DOM Inspector shows that my rule is being added to the tab object ok, and shows the value is ‘red,’ and the computed background-color style is rgb(255,0,0) (red), but the actual background color of the tab is unchanged.

Is this possible or am I on the wrong track?

This is because the tab has -moz-appearance: tab, which forces certain parameters/styling that are impossible to override without first setting -moz-appearance: none, doing so would remove all the tab styling though.

What you could do instead is apply your background color to the first sub-element, eg.

#tabbed-view tabs > tab[label$=".ect"] > hbox  { background-color: red !important; }

Though that might not be the exact effect that you are looking for.

By the way a better way to play with this is to use Stylish, which lets you alter your CSS rules in real-time (no restarting).


That works swell.

Thanks too for the Stylish tip. Will check that out.