How to open "CLONE" git in SCM no 'git' option in SCM menu

I am trying to remotely retrieve my new project and import from our GIT master. It worked in v9, but in v10 I have no dropdown option for git. Git is installed and working fine, and worked in v9. How do I get SCM to give me a dropdown for 'git?

Hi @symgryph,

It looks like you’ll need to do the clone from commando or your terminal. I’ve filed a bug:

If you want to use Commando:

  1. Ctrl + Shift + O
  2. Shell
  3. git clone
    Note: the command above will be run in the current root directory of your Places Pane (*View > Tabs & Sidebars > Places).
  • Carey

OH woops, looks like it’s fixed and I already reported it. I’m not tired or anything…

Should be working in this nightly build:

  • Carey