How to Open Binary File in External Editor

Good Day,

How can I configure Komodo Edit to open binary files (or, explaining better, files with a certain file extension) on an external editor?


There is no way to configure this in Komodo, if you’d really want this you could possibly interpret the file open event with a macro.

Could you explain your use-case for this functionality? I’ve used Komodo for a looong time and have never had a need for this.

Hello Nathan,

I am working on an industrial automation and industrial design project. So I have source code text files, PDFs, images, videos, and CAD files on the same folder. I was thinking on using Komodo as a kind of project management tool, using it to open and edit code internally, and open CAD files opening the CAD application itself.

The idea was to open Komodo, and from it, have access to all these files from a centralized place.

Windows Explorer may be an alternative anyway.


Yeah unfortunately that’s not what Komodo is designed for, it’s file explorer is geared purely towards working with your coding files. We could potentially support opening binary files in their associated program but even then we wouldn’t be better suited than Windows Explorer which was designed exactly for the use-case you describe.

Never the less, I’ll keep the idea in mind as I can understand it being useful at times, and if it’s simple to implement then why not …

Generally the operating system (Windows in this case) provides a way to do this:

Komodo also includes a “Windoes Integration” preferences entry that can help configure common associations.