How to migrate remote server settings from komodo edit 8 to 9

How can I migrate all my remote server settings in komodo edit 8 and import it in komodo edit 9?

Copy your Komodo 8.5 profile folder into 9.0 profile folder.

Please do not do this, Komodo automatically inherits all your prefs from the previous version. Did this not happen for you @rolf?

Why? Can this break Komodo?

Yes, the file formats can and will have changed between major versions of Komodo. Komodo automatically inherits settings from your previous version so you shouldnt really ever have a need to do this action manually.

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Didn’t happen for me.
Is there any way to have v 9 “force fetch” the settings of previous version of Komodo without directory copy/pasting?
Thank you for your help!

Delete your 9.0 folder (backup if you need to) and ensure there is an 8.5 folder in the same place that the 9.0 folder was. Komodo will inherit settings from this folder.

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It was somehow strange. After the installation of the version 9 I haven’t any of my servers,but after a restart all was here.

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Did that, didn’t work. Thank you for your insight, though. Would much appreciate if you had any more advice!

EDIT: I’m running on Win 7, if that makes any difference

Yup, restarting the machine did the trick. Thanks for pointing this out!