How to make komodo light weight for better editing

Hi All

Is there any way to make komodo lighter so that it open fast and work like notepad++.?

I know that we can disable few addons which made komodo to work fast but is there any otherway.

I have both Edit and IDE installed and I use a bunch of shell scripts to make Edit my “from the command line” editor and IDE my work-a-day big project thing. Your mileage will almost certainly vary.

First, I think Edit will always run a little faster than IDE. I haven’t done the hard work of benchmarking it, but it feels faster to open.

Second, disable every package you don’t need. So for example I only occasionally make quick edits to Ruby files, so I disable all Ruby support. Whereas, my IDE config retains Ruby because startup time isn’t a factor.

Third, disable session saving. (Don’t restore the previous workspace). It’ll make it much faster to open.

Turning off file status updates improves speed some. (I think)

Hope that helps!

Adding on to @neurobashing’s comment,

For both you could try disabling syntax checking and code intel in the prefs.

For IDE you could disable SCC tools. I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head.

Note: setting your sites on a start time to match Notepad++ isn’t realistic. But we’ll help you as much as we can here. (EDIT: I haven’t tried starting Notepad++ in years…maybe it’s not as fast as I remember…)

  • Carey

On the Mac you can do this:

function komodoedit () {
if [ ! -e $1 ]; then
    touch $1
  open -b com.activestate.komodoedit $1
alias ke=komodoedit

to open files from the command a la

$ ke some_file.blah

and it’ll “just work”. Likewise you can change the open command to open -b -W com.activestate.komodoedit $1 and it’ll wait correctly if you want to use it as your $GIT_EDITOR env var.

(You have to touch the file first if it doesn’t exist, or it doesn’t want to open anything. A better version would probably listen for the closing signal and if the $1 is still a 0 byte file, remove it. But I’m lazy.)

Some variation on this stuff will probably work on Linux, I have no clue how to make it work on Windows. Probably Powershell?

Hi All

Thanks for the suggestions. I am using windows and not Mac. Any suggestions on windows.

None of my suggestions were platform specific and all of @neurobashing’s suggestions in his first comment were platform agnostic as well. Did you try those?

If you have a specific question, please ask.

  • Carey

Hi Carey

I have made the changes as per your suggestion. It improve the performance but still take some time to open the file.

Yes, that’s a result of living in a universe constrained by a linear timeline; All things take some amount of time to occur.

Glad you’re seeing improvements!

  • Carey