How to make breadcrumbs not disapear?

Hey. I use breadcrumbs all the time, I think it’s one of the best feature ever. But it keeps disapearing when I do stuff…

Is there a way to prevent output of this information on bottom panel? Or to output it somewhere else?

Breadcrumbs in Komodo? What is it?
P.S.: Привет :slight_smile:

It’s this thing.

P.S. Здарова :wink:

Ah, I think it’s impossible.

There is currently no built-in method to hide these notifications. Komodo 9 will introduce a new notification system which gets rid of these conflicts. You could try and force the Breadcrumbs to show at all times but you would be missing out on potential important notifications.

I’ll update this thread once the new notifications are implemented in the Komodo 9 pre-release so you can go ahead and update to that if you wish.

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