How to load custom fonts

The Komodo IDE 11 manual seems to suggests that I can load custom fonts, but I haven’t been able to figure out how. I have just started testing Komodo IDE 11…

Thank you for your help,

You simply need to have the fonts installed on your system. They will then appear in the fonts list under Preferences > Appearance > Fonts.

Sorry, my bad, I meant to say “custom icons”

What did you find in the manual that suggests this? This is not something we currently facilitate.


Scroll down a bit and you’ll find:

“Icon Set: Select the icon set that you would like Komodo to use. When you download custom icon sets they will be listed here.
If you prefer the older Komodo icons then you can choose to use the “Classic” icon set here.”

Thanks @ffurger, I will log a ticket to have this fixed. Apologies for the misinformation. This used to be a feature back in Komodo 9.

Too bad you removed it!! I would have loved to replace a few of them.