How to increase fonts for the pop up menu


I changed the font size in the color scheme. The editor text font is ok now. But when i right click on the editor, the font on the pop up menu is still tiny. Where do i change that? And any other places that I can change fonts - just in case i found other fonts small in the future. Thanks!

It sounds like you changed the editor font size but not the interface font size.

See the docs for info on how to change this:

Thanks much! Yes. that helped me change the fonts on the interface. When i tried to customize colors, i messed it up. Now there are a few types of strings that become very hard to see because of the color combination i chose.

Is there a way to reset to default colors? Thanks!

Yep! Select the default color scheme. The built in color schemes are immutable so you’re asked to save a new one when you change any of them. It’s not possible to reset parts of a scheme though.

  • Carey

Actually, it sort of is. Although likely not in the way desired here. If you modified colors for a specific language you are able to reset those using the reset button. But the “top level” colors (editor and interface) cannot be reset, as they are top level and thus resetting would mean setting them to what they already are set to.