How to increase font size of the right and left panels?

How do I increase the font size of the right and left panels?

Thanks in advance.

I think you can do it via Stylish but I don’t know id’s of left and right panels :frowning:
Hmm… You can try #openfilesWrapper for left panel.

#openfilesWrapper {
font-size: 14pt;

For right pane: I don’t know, I think @nathanr can say more.

Answer given here:

I am very nearsighted. The tiny font size in the tabs and left menu panel make Komodo unusable for me. I guess your vision is pretty good since you don’t see any big use case advantage in being able to increase these font sizes.

You should install Stylish for Komodo and create the simple Stylish rule:

page[containerOrient=vertical], view tab {
  font-size: 14pt;

Works good. I actually like this alot.

Note Komodo should adopt your OS settings for font sizes, all I’m saying is I don’t see the ability to control font sizes for different parts of the UI to be desirable for most of our users. If you want to do this then using Stylish would be the way to go.

I agree. I use stylish for these kinds of configs.

By the way… Is there some kind of export feature where we can export all the stylish conifgs, then easily import them? I can make a sort of ‘Komodo_Stylish_Font_Pack’, where it increases all the fonts, and certain margins of the app are also increased.

Then users can download the pack, import into Komodo IDE, and alter each style accordingly if they wanted too.

Just an idea, but not sure if it exists or not.

Not as far as I’m aware. You’d have to talk to the Stylish devs -