How to Ignore Symlink Files on Search


Is there a shortcut to use in the “Exclude” section of the “Find in Files…” dialog box that will prevent symlinks from being followed?

We have a project with multiple root folders and symlinks to shared files. When I do a find in files, the same files display in the results multiple times. My old editor did not follow symlinks by default. I am hopeful there is a way to enable the same feature with Komodo.

FYI, I am running Komodo on a Windows box, and have my project files on a linux server running samba.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @seattle_developer, can you just confirm that the paths are actually different?

There is a known issue (that I believe is fixed now though possibly not in a released build) where Find Results pane would show multiple results unnecessarily.

Also note that if it finds x instances (x > 1) of the search parameter on a line it will show that line x times.

Just want to narrow things down before anyone (possibly myself) starts diving into the code. I feel like I’ve read that code before and it doesn’t follow Symlinks but that was a while ago.

Thanks for contacting us @seattle_developer,

  • Carey

Hi Carey,

Thanks for the quick reply. Here’s a (obfuscated) result from a search I just did:

\\SERVER\webroot\path2\class.someclass.php, 228,     public function some_function($parameter)
\\SERVER\webroot\path1\class.someclass.php, 228,     public function some_function($parameter)
\\SERVER\webroot\path3\class.someclass.php, 228,     public function some_function($parameter)

Path 1 represented here is the actual file, path2 and path3 are symlinks (ath 2 shows first because that location is alphabetically earlier). This is definitely one file and 2 symlinks.

Hope this is helpful.


This is currently not possible, you’d have to exclude the paths manually. You could file an enhancement request here:

Thanks @nathanr, I got distracted yesterday. Sorry for the delay @seattle_developer.

  • Carey

Not a problem with the delay. Here’s a follow-up question.

Why, when I search a project, does Komodo search all the folders inside the specified Project base directory rather than just the ones I have specifically added to the project using the Add… context menu item in the projects pane? If I have 30 folders in my /var/www/html folder on my development server, I cannot limit the search to just the Existing Folders I’ve added to my project, rather I need to do a File search and specify the folders I want to search.

It would seem that it would be a great workaround to the symlink issue if the Project
search had the option to just search in those folders and/or files that have been specifically added to the project in the project pane.

I am hopeful I am using the correct terminology to have my question be clear. I’d be happy to mock up a screenshot to explain if needed.