How to hide menu bar and toolbar

in Komodo Edit 8.5.3 on Windows 7 I would like to hide menu bar AND toolbar. Right click on toolbar and I can only select Show Menubar or Show Toolbars, but it looks like I can’t select both, is it?

If there is available both option to disable menubar and toolbar, how does one trigger to appear back e.g. menubar - is it like in Explorer pressing ALT key?

Unfortunately you can currently only hide one or the other, I’ll see about adding the ALT functionality you suggested.

That would be excellent. I like minimalistic view because I am working with keyboard shortcuts all the time, so don’t need toolbar at all and menu bar like ones per week or less.

I recently upgraded to Komodo 9 and began getting familiar with it. First, I hid the menu bar. This made a pop-down button show up in the toolbar. Then, I started hiding and showing toolbars so that I could see which toolbar is which. There must be a “hide toolbars” button, because my toolbars are gone. Now, there’s no menu and no toolbar … so now way to get either one back.

Is there a preference to get out of this situation? Maybe a keyboard shortcut? Please don’t tell me I have to delete my AppData folder and lose all my customizations.

Press Alt.

I tried your suggestion, but it has no effect (both menu and toolbars remain hidden). Must I select a certain IDE component before pressing Alt-.? BTW, I’m running on Windows 7.

I sure you should.

I don’t know how ALT works in Komodo on Win7

Also if you hide both toolbars Komodo will show Menu button here:

Never mind … you meant press …
Alt (and only the Alt key) NOT Alt-. (hold Alt and also press . (period))
Thanks, I got back my menu, then my toolbars!!