How to hide breakpoint popup

In Komodo IDE 11, when you hover the mouse over the line-number/breakpoint area, there is a popup that says
‘Click to toggle breakpoint. Ctrl+Click to toggle…(etc)’

Is it possible to turn this off? When I’m selecting code with the mouse, I tend to let go of the mouse with the pointer in that area and the code I’m looking at gets obscured by this popup! It’s become quite irritating!

Thanks for any help!

This can’t be turned off unfortunately.

  • Carey

While there isn’t a setting for it, you could just add a CSS rule to your active color scheme:

#editorTooltip {
	visibility: collapse;
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Thanks for the replies, especially Nathan for offering some hope! I’ll try that and confirm. Much appreciated.

Great stuff problem solved thanks again :slight_smile: