How to get Perforce integration working

I have the checkbox checked for perforce, I have the binary specified.

But I don’t see any kind of perforce integration. When attemping to save read-only files, there is no check-out option.

How am I supposed to use the VCS integration?

Is this question still relevant? Given your other thread it seems you have resolved this part yourself;

Yes, very much so. If I knew how the VCS integration was supposed to work,

The earlier question is good in every case. It’s a general improvement. Sometimes, I do chmod files outside the editor. It is a general bug to present a force-save dialog when no force-save is needed.

This question is specific to behavior with perforce integration. Perhaps the integration automatically refeshes the file status? I don’t know. I remember in Komodo8 i occasionally got to see the checkout status in the file icon. But that doesn’t seem to happen with Komodo9