How to get past Let's Get Started

I’ve installed KomodoIDE 12 without problem.
When I start it I get the program I get the Let’s Get Started dialog which I can interact with.
The problem is that there is no Next, Close or any button I can press that does anything other than kill the window without creating a new one so effectively K12 is unusable. I’ve tried running it from the command line with a file argument but the result is the same. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

My system: Linux, Mageia7.1, 64bit

I’ve been using KomodoIDE since v8 and never had this problem.

After more investigating I have succeeded. This issue is that the window is too long so I finally got past it by tabbing to a button I couldn’t see.
The real problem is that the window can’t be resized in order to see all of it. A poor design decision born out if inexperience I suppose but surely a bug.