How to get debug working

Running a python 2.7 program. Runs fine in non-debug mode. However, trying to run it in debug mode with step in, something must be happening, but it does not single step and if I use F5, it never gets to break points. If I X out the ide, it asks if I want to kill the session. So it must be doing something.
How to get debug working?
Do I need a specific first line such as

IIRC the hotkey was replaced with Ctrl+R.

If I launch the ide with a python program loaded and press Ctrl+R I get a “Run Command” dialog window. Is that the expected result?

Nope, seems I was wrong. I’ll have a look at this now.

Can you give me a simple example of the code you’re trying to debug? (with [o] being breakpoints in the code)

print "Program Started"

F5 works for me, and If I put a breakpoint at print, then debugger stops before print.

Yes. That’s how my version 7 works also ( on a different laptop). But somehow I have missed a step on this laptop with version 10.0 as F7 runs the program fine (so the ide found Python), but F5 dies something, since if I click X on the ide it says “Kill Sesdion and Close Tab”, but nothing seems to print out and the pgm does not seem to stop at a breakpoint if one is there. Very strange.

If I make these changes, I get the following on the output panel. Is it a clue as to why the regular output is not showing and why debug mode is not working?

Debugger Logging
Change from notset to debug
Apply, OK
Run program
get this:

DEBUG: dbgp.client: _getIncomingDataPacket starting…
DEBUG: dbgp.client: _getIncomingDataPacket getting data…
DEBUG: dbgp.client: _getIncomingDataPacket socket closed
DEBUG: dbgp.client: _getIncomingDataPacket exiting…

Regular output prints everything to INFO, WARNING, ERROR and CRITICAL log levels. DEBUG is used only for debugger client messages. These messages are very odd. Are you sure you have Python2 file? (I mean does Komodo recognizes it as Python2 file, not Python3 file). If yes, do you have your interpreter configured in Prefs - Languages - Python?

@John11 could you try running the debugger with the “Play” button in your toolbar?

Issue resolved. A security program was blocking the ide from Internet access and thus apparently some functionality. It now runs fine after whitelisting the ide. The security program whitelists programs allowed to access the Internet, all others are not allowed Internet access. This as a partial defense against ransomware. Thanks for the comments. Appreciate your time to help.

Thanks for following up with the solution.

For anyone else who stumbles on this, Komodo’s debugger runs on a “server-client” architecture on the local machine where a server (the debugger) sets up shop on a local port and waits for Komodo (the client) to connect to it before beginning the debugging process. Firewalls may interpret this action as Komodo attempting to “connect to the internet”, but it’s just to a local port.