How to get CSS, Bootstrap, and other files

Hey there! I’m fairly new to coding, having only been doing it for a little over a month now, but I’m just starting using Komodo-Edit as a text-editor. What I want to know is, how can you get new files to show up? I want to add CSS and bootstrap to my project, but they don’t appear in the list of “template files.” Is there a way to download them?

Any help would be appreciated!


Template files are not the same as project files, template files are files that you use as a bootstrap when starting eg. a html file.

What you’ll want is to start a new project via Project > New Project. You can then access its files in your left sidebar (you can toggle this from your toolbar or via Views > Tabs & Sidebars > Places.

try this

download the sample code
create a new directory
copy the files to the new directory
then open up komodo
select from the menu project–>new project
select the new project directory
in komodo on the left panel it will display the list of files
you can preview the index file in browser by going to view–>browser view
select the default browser to view the file in komodo side panel
edit the files to see what changes

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