How To get autocomplete working for PHPUnit asserts

So my PHP completion is working. However, in my PHPUnit tests, it does not have any of the asserts in the autocomplete. Any ideas?

Komodo Edit 9.1

Can you please provide some sample code that you expect to work so we can more quickly test and diagnose the issue?

  • Carey

I apologize for the delay in response.

So after attempting to write a simplified test case, it appears that Codeception is actually causing the issue. (I originally thought it was just something simple I was missing).

So here is a repo that you should be able to test this with:

Don’t forget to run composer install.
You can see the unit test working from ./vendor/bin/codecept run
But ./tests/unit/ExampleTest.php, while it has some autocomplete, does not get all the way up the chain.