How to exclude a file from codeintel

Using the the yii framework at work and I’m trying to exclude the yiilite.php from my codeintel, but no matter what i add in the files and directories to exlude, komodo still includes the yiilite. added the exclusions like this yiilite;yiilite.php; but the file is still included (when i go to definition i end up in the yiilite file).

Hey @babobski, unfortunately this is currently not possible, we are tracking an enhancement request for it here:

atm all you could do is put those files outside of your project directory.

ah, i think i now what is the problem, was missing the codecompletion after app. I have a default folder with the yii framework folder without the yiilite file. configured this a while ago, but looking her at my home pc i’m missing the settings for default directory to scan for autocompletion(is empty now) i guess this is the same at work, probibly when i configure this back to the folder my autocompletion is working again.