How to display the result of my code in the split view?

Hi all,

I think it is possible to do this but I dont know how. (Im a noob)
When i’m writing code, let’s say html, can I see in real time the html page, using the split view ? If so, how? I wasn’t able to co,figure Komodo to do this.

thank you !

You’re talking about Browser Preview feature. View - Browser Preview

Thank you Defman ! The only thing is this option is grey, not clickable for me, do you know why ?

I have no idea. Try to re-open your html file.

Ok I found out why : the file must be saved before you can do a browser preview. And it must be saved again after any modification, if you wanna see those in the browser preview.

thank you for your help !
have a good day

Yep. It works in this way. WYSIWYG isn’t implemented in Komodo (and won’t be I guess)

No, not browser preview. That opens the browser in its own window. What I’d like to do is have the code in one side of split view and the preview in the other half of split view. I’ve seen it done in a tutorial video but don’t know how to do it. Thanks.

Never mind. Figured it out. Clicked the Preview buffer in browser icon in the tool bar and it worked.

You can also set a default browser, by going to the preferences > Web & Browser
Just select the default browser and set the “preview in browser” setting to “Preview in external browser (specified above)”