How To Display The Full File Path At TheBottom Of The Workspaceootm PaneI

I have just started using Komodo IDE 10 after hanging on to my Komodo IDE 9 for as long as I could.
In my komodo 9 I could easily display the full file path of the currently open file at the bottom of the workspace.
I have trided to do this in komodo 10 by going to Preferences>workspace>File Path and choosing Full Path.
I have then clicked Apply>Ok but no file path at all appears at the bottom of my workspace. Can anyone please give me a tip on how to showl my full file paths at the bottom of my workspace.


The only thing doing this in Komodo IDE 9 were the breadcrumbs, which are still present. Only now they are displayed above the “workspace” rather than below it. You can move them to the bottom via Prefs > Appearance > Platform Integration > Place statusbar below editor.

Thank you for your prompt response.Because I have just started using komodo 10, I had not realised that the file path was now at the top. However, I have implemented your tip and moved the file path to where it used to be in komodo 9-below the editor.