How to disable popup showing errors in code

When editing code, there is a small popup with a black background that displays errors in your code. How can I turn this thing off? It’s very distracting. Komodo Edit 9.3.2

Preferences - Notifications - Linter & Linter Messages. Check “Show All Settings” in left bottom of the window to see this preference.

That didn’t fix it.

Seems like there’s no way to disable this popup. @nathanr?

You would have to disable it for all three levels (INFO, WARNING, ERROR).

Though I would recommend you keep error checked.

Honestly though if this is annoying and you don’t want to see it perhaps you should just turn off linting/syntax checking, or configure it to your liking.

Prefs > Syntax & Spell Checking.

I was thinking that this is the level of errors I want to see…

But if I still want to see errors in the code? Like an underline at errors.

Yes, it is.

In that case you should turn off the notifications.

So if I want to see only ERROR popups - I should choose “ERROR” item in this list?

If you only want to see ERROR popups you would uncheck everything except the ERROR ones.

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I don’t want to turn off linting and syntax checking, I only want to get rid of that annoying popup. I tried going to preferences>notifications and unchecking linter and linter messages at all three levels (info, warning and error), but that doesn’t stop the popup.

Nathan, is there a way to turn this thing off without turning off linting and syntax checking?

The steps you described should work. Are you on Komodo 9.3.2?

It looks like the Komodo Linter uses some kind of modified Notifications, because there’s no cog menu for them (which exists in any other notifications) and there’s no way to disable them (I’ve tried to uncheck “Linter” and “Linter Messages” for all three levels, but no luck with it. I’m using Komodo 9.3.2.

Yes, I’m using Komodo 9.3.2

I cannot reproduce this issue. Please try executing the following code in your console widget (bottom pane):


Also, please let me know on what language you are reproducing this issue.