How to disable line number mouse hover dialog boxes?

Hello! When a user of Komodo IDE hovers the mouse pointer over one of the line numbers in the left column, up pops a dialog box with reminders about breakpoints, etc. (as seen in the attached image). Oftentimes my mouse pointer will end up in a column, either accidentally or when switching from a different program back to Komodo IDE when my mouse pointer just happens to be near the left part of the screen. In any case, the dialog box pops up each time, obscuring the leftmost portions of several lines of code – forcing me to move the mouse pointer to the right each time, which is annoying. Is there any way to turn off the display of those particular dialog boxes?

There’s no way to do it in the UI that i’m aware of but it can be done in a macro I’m sure. I don’t quite have the cycles to figure that out right this moment though. Gotta get this PR pushed.

  • Carey

Hi, Carey. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I didn’t realize macros could affect UI elements such as dialog boxes. That’s cool. Could you point me in the right direction as to how to work with those mouse hover dialog boxes?

I just had a look and I now can’t see a quick way to work around the issue. Anyone else have some ideas? My plates a little full at the moment, i couldn’t more than a few minutes on this.

  • Carey

You could have some sort of DOM observable that will check whenever this popup appears and hides it automatically. I guess Element Inspector + DOM Inspector could help with that.

Thank you both for considering this topic. It sounds like it is either unsolvable or a solution would require an understanding of Komodo’s inner workings that is beyond my limited knowledge. I’ll add it as a feature request. Best wishes!

Just thinking but can it just be hidden with plain css?
something like

#id_of_the_popup {
  visibility: collapse;

I’ve searched for the popup but didn’t find it.
As it is part of Ide I also can’t find anything on github.

That’s an intriguing idea. Is there a Komodo equivalent of an element inspector, like those in web browsers?

There is, but I was unable to find the popup as the debugger bar is part of the view.

Okay. Thank you.