How to create a code intelligence file for my language extension

The Komodo 8.5 Extensions documentation page mentions that it is possible to create an API catalog for my language extension, but is a little vague about how to go about it…

API Catalogs - are a collection of class/function/variable information. API Catalogs are only applicable for the default Komodo Code Intelligence languages (i.e. Python, JavaScript, PHP, …). You can achieve the same affect as an API Catalog by defining/outlining a code file and then including that on the language search path.

What does a “code file” look like and how would I go about putting it on my language search path?

I have already used the "“Project > New From Template > Create Komodo Language” wizard to create a UDL to colourize my language syntax and a py file to do basic keyword completion. I also would like to add the keyword catalogue info to show what options a particular keyword accepts.

Hi @dooleyk,

The code file is literally a file with your code in it. Komodo will parse the file and add the contents to the code intelligence database. Depending on what language you’re using, you should include js/phpdoc comments to fill out information about what your code does.

Very sorry for the delayed answer.

  • Carey