How to check the cursor color

After install the latest Komodo Edit 9 version, the default background color is like black. And it is very hard to find where my mouse cursor is, as the cursor’s color is similar with the background color.

So the qustion is how to change the default cusor color, thanks

Preferences - Color Scheme - Colors, choose Cursor color in Color choice: and change the color :smiley:

Thanks for your helps.

I think the question is not given clearly.

When i move my mouse, it is hard to find where the mouse is, as the mouse color is similar same with the background color. So how to change the mouse default color and make it easy to find out is the problem.

Your question is not related to Komodo at all in this case. I guess you’re on Linux and using DMZ-Black cursor. Change it to DMZ-White in preferences of your OS.

I find on Windows it can also be hard to find the cursor when using a dark color scheme, but the same holds true - change your cursor in your mouse preferences.