How to check syntax

I’m lost in a zillion features of Komodo 8.5, and for the life of me cannot find a simple feature - how to check syntax of the file I’m editing?
I’m coding with perl.
Not background checking, mind you - I turned it off. I want to just run check manually.

Right-bottom of Komodo window:

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Nothing there!

Run-command: perl -c %F

If your pathname contains unexpected characters, you’ll need to make that

perl -cw “%F”

And if you want to use the Perl you configured Komodo with:

%perl -cw “%F”

  • Eric

There is no feature to check Perl not in background in Komodo (just watch Prefs - Syntax Checking and choose Perl), but you can use @ericp solution. :wink:
Also you can create a Command in toolbox and give it a shortcut.

If you think that I’m coding in perl and don’t know how to check scripts from command line, that’s hillarious. I know.
I want to do it in komodo GUI!

What’s on the first reply’s image then?

OK, I got it.
You can have the button for checking syntax only if you turn on “Background syntax checking”.
That’s as far from intuitive as possible.
But if you don’t want constant auto checking, I suppose you can always assign very large number at the “msecs” field.
Also, this option activates only after restart.

Thanks for letting us know @Sly_Gol, another solution would be to use a key binding by defining a shortcut at Prefs > Editor > Key Bindings, then search for Code: Run Syntax Check

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In my image I shown a GUI when I working on PHP scripts :expressionless: