How to changes tabs to space on save in Komodo

Hello, I remember that Komodo used to clean files with mixed tabs and spaces on save. And today I found out that it does not do it anymore :frowning: Am I missing something in config? I want it to replace all tabs with spaces. Here is my indentation preferences for the file:

I’m fairly certain that there is no Preferences for this. You’re thinking of Prefs > File Saving, and the prefs in there.

You may have had a Userscript (Formerly Macros) that ran the cmd_untabify on file save. Why would you want to run that on EVERY file save though?

You can run it from Code > Untabify once and you shouldn’t need it again unless your indentation prefs are wrong and you’re continuously adding tabs rather than spaces to your file.

  • Carey

@careyh Thank you for the answer! Indeed, maybe I confused it with something else. :confused: Thanks for the hint about Code > Untabify