How to change the Debugger pane layout

I have just started using Komodo IDE after using Komodo Edit for quite some time.
I really like it but I don’t like using the bottom pane as it makes the file browser and code edit window quite short.
I would prefer to have the debugger in the left pane which works fine.
The problem with this is that the debugger has two subpanes - the watch variable on the left and the output on the right. When the debug pane is In the left hand pane this doesn’t work so good as both end up squashed.
So, my question is is there a simple way to change this so the watch subpane is at the top and the output subpane on the bottom. This would be perfect and from my point of view anyway be much better.
Alternatively, is there a way to reorganise so the left hand pane can be full height and the bottom pane be to the right of it (so the whole width except for the left hand pane).
Or combine all the subpanes.
Or even just hide the output subpane completely - I don’t use it muchj (you can drag the separator to completely hide the watch subpane but not the other way !)
If not, can i ask that these options be added to the ‘wishlist’ - I’m sure it can’t just be me who would like them !?

Absolutely possible, though you need to get slightly creative by installing Stylish. Once installed and after restarting Komodo, go to Tools > Addons and then click User Styles, click Write New Style and use the following css:

    -moz-box-orient: vertical;

#DebuggerPanelContent #viewer-splitter
    visibility: collapse;

Finally, right click the Debug Output tab in the bottom pane and choose Move To Pane > Left Pane.

We’ve been wanting to implement this natively (ie. have it change these style rules depending on the pane its in) but ahven’t gotten around to it as of yet.

That sounds perfect. I will give it a try.