How to change backcolor in [i] bubble in Find Dialog

example message in the “informational / i” bubble in the find dialog is: “2 occurrence were found…”
Two questions, related:
–What setting in preferences do I modify to change the background color of that notification?
–What setting in preferences do I modify to change the highlighting color for the text that is in the “find” field input box?
(I got a portion of the screen shot with my find dialog and was going to try to attach, but do not see how–let me know if there is a way for future correspondence.)
Thanks much, Rob.

There are no preferences to control UI element colors, just editor colors. However you could use stylish to override these colors with some simple css rules, this should be enough to get you started:

    background: red;

.ko-findbar-textbox ::-moz-selection
    color: blue !important;

If you’re interested in customizing the UI further I’d recommend installing DOM Inspector.

It can inspect bubble’s and other stuff that closed after clicking in any area?

Sure, its just hidden, the DOM content itself is not removed. Personally I also us this addon to make inspecting the right element a bit easier. You’ll have to modify the install.rdf to use it though.

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