How to call 'Check syntax now' from Javascript macro

Have looked through the docs and source code but could not find how to call ‘Check syntax now’. A pointer to the docs/source or an example would be welcome.

You want ko.commands.doCommandAsync('cmd_lintNow'). Not everything is documented, but a lot you can figure out by inspecting elements using the DOM inspector.

I have the DOM inspector installed and am still getting to grips with it, couldn’t find it using that either. While I feel confident with Javascript, learning the ins and outs of KE and the such is a steep learning curve. I’m sure I’ll have more questions and I thank you once again for your help.

It can be a steep learning curve for sure, but unlike many other projects with a steep learning curve the answers are usually very much on the surface. The main thing you have to learn is how to locate your answers. DOM Inspector is a big part of that.

Be sure to also install “element inspector”.

I don’t have that one, will find and install, thanks.